Training Update

In February of this year (2016) I attended the third training week in York. In this week we were taught about working with the upper extremities and scoliosis.

The upper extremities covers the head, shoulder, and arms and jaw.  There are some great new movements that will help anyone suffering from neck or shoulder pain.  This can result from habituated postures, such as working at a computer or from accident, injuries or surgery. Although these movements are not taught in isolation, as they are normally linked the whole body patterns, they are really effective at relaxing tight shoulder and necks and helping you to regain full and easy movement.

The second part of this week covered scoliosis. Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine. Scoliosis can be slight with small curves, or can be much more evident so that the whole body is affected and postures can be affected in several different ways. This can result in a range of issues from back, neck and shoulder pain as well as hip, leg and foot pain. It also limits breathing due to compression of the ribs. Scoliosis can arise from habituated postures and actions, traumas, accidents or be linked to a genetic issue.  The movements taught in these sessions help to relax muscles around the spine, helping it to regain is normal shape, work with the ribs which are usually compressed due to the curvature of the spine and help people to regain a more normal posture.

This week's training has enabled me to work with a wider range of issues and problems and help more people. If I have already worked with you but would like some more sessions then please contact me to make an appointment.

If you have never had a experienced the benefits of somatics and would like to experience the effects of a clinical somatics session then do contact me to arrange an introductory session. I can be contacted on 07779 802896.

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