Clinical Sessions Update

In June I completed the second module of my clinical training to become a fully qualified Clinical Somatics Educator in the style of Thomas Hanna.

All three Somatic Reflexes
This means that I can now work individually with people for the Green Light, Red Light and Trauma Reflexes.  These are the three most important reflexes for Hanna Somatics.  Clinical Somatics tends to achieve much faster and more effective results than just the exercises and they can sometimes be quite dramatic.

Would you like a Clinical Session.
Up to now I have been working mainly with friends and friends of friends, but I am now being contacted by other people and I am very happy to work with them. As part of my training I need to work with people to develop my skills on a one to one basis.   I am currently offering new clients sessions at a reduced rate of £30.  A session lasts around an hour.

Whilst some people have come to 'see what Somatics is about' others have problems, sometimes of a long standing nature.  I've had some great results.  A runner who had given up due to hip pain is now running again with a much improved posture.  People with debilitating sciatica are pain free and leading active lives once more.  So if you have specific problems Somatics may be able to help you.

If you are interested in a session or need more information call me on 07779 802896 or use the contact form to email me.

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