Coronavirus update

Hi everyone. What difficult and troubling times we are living through. I do hope that you are keeping safe and well.

Following common sense and government advice I have decided to stop all one-2-one client sessions and face-2-face classes for the foreseeable future..

And as it’s very uncertain how long this situation will last I have decided to offer online classes to any of my clients who I have worked with over the past few months and those that already attend the face to face class.

I am also planning to offer an introduction to Somatics online class for anyone interested in learning about Somatics movements and anyone who I have worked with who feels that they might need a refresher.

The online classes will be hosted using the zoom video conferencing software. You don’t need a subscription as I will be hosting the meeting. I will provide details about how to get started and set up

for the sessions. To take part you will just need a space to work and either a laptop, tablet or smartphone, plus of course an internet connection.

Classes will cost £8.00 per session and last about an hour. I also provide movement notes and am hoping to provide a recording of the online session so that you can continue to practice between sessions.

If you are interested in joining an introductory class which will teach you the fundamental Somatics movements over five or six weeks please email at


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