Linda from Leamington Spa Warwickshire : Nov 2016

I am very sorry to miss our last session as I have found the exercises excellent at relieving the aches in my back and hips. I will continue to practice. Thank you especially for the audio tapes containing your calm, clear instructions and the written exercises with pictures. You have given more back up than any chiropractic clinic I have ever attended.


Tim From Leamington Spa, Warwickshire : Nov 2016

I attended one of Martin’s short (7 weeks) courses, Defying the Myth of Ageing. (ideal for anyone starting with Somatics) with  7 others. His style is calm and assured, well-paced and with a good balance of general and individual tuition.  He prepared well for each lesson and followed them up with handouts and audio files.  Altogether, a very thorough and professional approach.

Having previously experienced yoga and Alexander technique exercises, I found Somatics effective and natural. I have noticed an improvement in my suppleness and a reduction in backache in the one spot that has niggled for years.
I have no hesitation in recommending Martin to anyone who is interested in trying Somatics.


Rosemary from Kirkby Mallory, Leicestershire : Aug 2015

For some years I suffered with severe pain in my lower back, from a trapped sciatic nerve. This pain extended down my left leg and would develop suddenly when I was walking any distance or standing for some time. However, it could be relieved quite quickly if I sat down for a few minutes.

Recently, the effects of this condition got much worse; I was in pain as soon as I put any weight on my left leg, so I was unable to walk more than few steps without discomfort.

When Martin suggested that somatic exercises could help I was dubious, but also desperate to get some relief, so decided give them a try.

Under Martin’s careful guidance and with the help of his notes and audio tapes I learnt to do the exercises which he suggested and began to practice them twice a day. The slow and careful movements are almost relaxing, as you focus on them and concentrate on their effects on your body – no sudden movements or painful jerks!

Gradually my condition has improved until now I can walk comfortably and climb stairs without pain. I intend to continue with the exercises, incorporating them into my daily routine, with the aim of retaining the flexibility and ease of movement which I now enjoy.

Pauline from Leamington: December 2014

‘When I first read about Martin’s Somatics classes the whole concept made immediate sense and I couldn’t wait to have a go. Deceptively simple, I feel Somatics has given me back control over the aches and pains I have suffered over many years. I never really got on with yoga, but I just love Somatics, and feel that I will be able to continue doing the  exercises for the rest of my life. And if I forget what to do, the audio instructions will remind me.’

Dianne from Swanage : August 2014

‘I couldn’t be more delighted with the results your exercises have produced.  (my physio was mightily impressed and immediately researched Somatics!). I also want to tell you that I found the way in which you talked me through the exercises; why I was doing each one and the benefits to be achieved, really helped me to understand and relate to what I was doing, which then encouraged me to continue.  It’s all too easy to start off with huge enthusiasm, but when results are slow, the tendency can be to feel disgruntled and give up.  However, because I understood what I was doing and why, I persevered and am now beginning to see an improvement in my flexibility and a huge reduction in the pain.  For me now, I will be incorporating the programme into my daily life.  So thank you for taking the time to give me some much needed help.’

Kim from Leamington Spa : Sept 2013

‘I went along to Martin’s back workshop having found myself getting increasingly achy, particularly in the morning on getting out of bed.  The daily exercises I learnt eased my early morning lower back pain after a matter of days.  In addition, a shoulder problem I’ve had for a couple of years has dramatically improved  – I’d begun to accept painful movement as an aging problem –  after about a year with a physiotherapist who had ultimately implied as such!  Again after a matter of days I could feel the changes – I no longer have restricted movement in that shoulder and the stabbing pains I was experiencing have gone!’