There are a number of different ways to learn about somatics.

Classes: are a good way to learn the core exercises and find out about your own body.

Individual coaching: if you prefer a more personalised approach focused on your own needs then an individual coach can work with you, generally for an hour session.

Read: Thomas Hanna's seminal book 'defying the Myth of Aging' in which he explains the principles behind Somatic Education and instructs you through the movements of the Cat Stretch Programme.  See the Resources section for more details and links.

Videos: There are a growing range of YouTube videos with skilled coaches who talk you through the exercises.  Good to watch and reinforce your own practice.  See the Resrouces section for more information and links

Audio Tapes: are an excellent way to practice what you learn in classes or with an individual coach.  These are times to go at your speed and avoid the need to watch videos as you try to exercise or read the instructions whilst you do them.

Clinical Somatics: is a more focused approach for people with specific problems who need a more hands on process with a trained Clinical Somatics practitioner who has undergone an extensive 3 year course.