Clinical Somatics

What happens in a clinical session?

In a Clinical session for the Green Light reflex the following takes place:

  • First there is an assessment of your posture, your walking and the tonus of your back muscles.
  • This is followed by hands on work to help you sense the range of current movements and then a series of controlled pandiculations that help your brain to reset your muscle length and ease tensions.
  • We work on the shoulder and upper and lower back muscles and glutes.  I say we, because Somatics requires two people.  It's not a fix or a treatment but a re-education process where we work together to help your brain re-connect with forgotten muscles.
  • Most of the session is done lying down so that your muscles are not working against gravity.
  • As with the Somatic exercises there is no stretching and you work slowly and gently within your comfort range.
  • You will also learn some of the core exercises which will help you to continue the progress made in the session when you are at home.

If you are interested in clinical sessions use the contact form to get in touch with me