Individual Coaching

If you think your would prefer to work individually with a coach to learn the somatic exercises this can also be arranged.

Individual sessions last about an hour and can take place in your own home or at Martin’s home where he has a Somatics table.  This means that you don’t have to work on the floor all of the time.

Individual sessions focus on teaching you the core somatic exercises from Thomas Hanna’s core Cat Stretch programme.  Individual sessions can also help you to resolve specific issues through tailored exercises.

I also provide notes for your own practice at home and audios for you to use.  These are supplied in the form of MP3 files downloaded from the Internet for use on a smartphone or ipad, or on CD so that you can play them on your own hifi system.

I currently charge £30 for a session.

If you are interested in this approach call me on 07779 802896 or use the contact form to email me.