Arch and Flatten​: Martha Peterson
This movement helps to bring you lower back muscles back under the control of your brain.  You create the green light reflex voluntarily and then relax out of it.  This will help you to voluntarily release the back muscles when they are no longer needed for action.

Side Bend: Martha Peterson
This easy Somatic Exercise will help you begin to reverse hip, knee and foot pain. Learn to relax the muscles of the waist that, when chronically contracted, contribute to the pain of sciatica, plantarfascitis, piriformis syndrome, and hip joint pain.

Washrag​: Martha Peterson
Learn to relieve back and hip pain and improve breathing with this easy Somatic exercise. Do this Somatic exercise after the Side Bend for optimum results.

Athletes Prayer for soft Calves : Lawrence Gold
These simple exercises will help to relieve muscular tension in your calves and assist you in easier, and pain free walking. The exercise comes from Lawrence Gold's Free your Psoas programme.