Essential Somatics
This website contains lots of information about Somatics and links to resources such as audio and video CDs.  Martha comes to the UK regularly to teach classes, train new Clinical Somatics Educators and offers some one -to-one clinical sessions.  You can also arrange for Skype video clinical sessions online. Sign up for Martha's newsletter and stay up-to-date with her UK classes and news about Hannah Somatics.
This is the website for Lawrence Gold, who was one of Thomas Hanna's original trainees. It contains a wealth of information about Somatics. You can purchase audio and video programmes directly from the site.  Lawrence has a number of specific programmes such a Free yourself from Back Pain, Free your Psoas.​ Lawrence will also arrange online one-to-one sessions and you get some free time if you purchase any of his programmes.​

Clinical Somatics
Colm McDonnell is an experienced Somatics practitioner based in Dublin. He writes an excellent blog which is always worth a read. It covers a wide range of Somatics issues. 

Jonathan Hunt is one of the few certified Hanna Somatics Educators in the UK. He runs a practice in Islington in London where he works with individuals on a one to one basis.  He also runs group classes like those of Purely Somatics.  His website contains information about Somatics and also about his practice.
Novato Somatics Institute
The Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training was founded in 1975 by Thomas Hanna and Eleanor Criswell Hanna. The Institute is devoted to Somatics theory, practice, and research.  The institute engages in educational activities that include publishing SOMATICS Magazine and selected books,  CDs and DVDs, conducting workshops and professional training, and working with individual clients. You can purchase Audio CDs of Thomas Hannah himself teaching the exercises from the website.